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Upon completing this seminar, the prospective student will gain information on the following:

  • Admission requirements and application fee
  • Tuition and program costs
  • Approximate living expense in Edmonton,Alberta
  • Immigration matters
  • Prospective student account on ACI's Prospective Student Hub
  • Updating your account
  • Using the message centre
  • Uploading your application documents
  • Checking the status of your application
  • Confirming your program acceptance

The Pre-Arrival seminar for International Students will cover information that will help you prepare for your travel to Edmonton and Alberta Caregiving Institute. The seminar will focus on the following:

  1. Travel logistics (what to expect at the Canada Port of Entry, Canada Customs and Immigration, how to get to your resident and ACI program site)
  2. Making a budget plan
  3. Off campus Housing information-Finding accommodation. 
  4. Preparing for the Weather
  5. Getting started at ACI
  6. Getting Connected
  7. Student Health Insurance
  8. Getting a student account
  9. General Questions and answers

Upon completing this seminar, the prospective student will gain information on the following:

  1. Confirming your arrival
  2. Exploring the city and general safety
  3. Banking matters
  4.  Clinics & Pharmacies
  5. Grocery stores and grocery shopping
  6. Shopping centres and Thrift stores
  7. Public libraries and obtaining a library card
  8. Responding to all correspondences  and staying connected to home
  9. Academic and Payment Affairs
  10. Immunizations and staying healthy
  11. International student orientation,getting involved and enjoying your stay